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龟茲     Guīcí     Kezil / Kizil / Kuqa / Kucha

Traditional: 龜茲
Grammar: Proper Noun
Notes: An ancient kingdom in the Western Regions, present day name is 库车 Kucha (FGDB '龜茲')
Related: 丘茲(Also known as)、俱支曩(Also known as)、屈支(Also known as)、库车(Also known as)、归茲(Also known as)、拘夷(Also known as)、曲先(Also known as)、苦叉(Also known as)、龟茲国(Also known as)
Concept: 王国 Kingdom
Parent concept: 中国 (China)
Topic: History

Other senses of the word: 龟茲

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