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阿弥陀佛     Ēmítuó Fó     Amitabha Buddha / Amitābha Buddha

Traditional: 阿彌陀佛
Grammar: Proper Noun
Notes: Sanskrit equivalent: amitābha, Japanese: Amida Butsu; also known as Amitayus and the Buddha of Infinite Light and of the Western Pure Land of Sukhāvatī 西方極樂世界; FGS translation standard: Amitabha Buddha (BL 'Amitābha'; Faxiang; FGDB '阿彌陀佛')
Synonyms: 阿弥陀 弥陀 弥陀如来
Concept: 佛 Buddha
Topic: Buddhism

Other senses of the word: 阿弥陀佛

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