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菩萨     púsà     bodhisatta

Traditional: 菩薩
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Grammar: Noun
Notes: Sanskrit equivalent: bodhisattva, Pāli: bodhisatta, Japanese: bosatsu; literally meaning 'enlightenment being' in Sanskrit and understood to mean a being who has determined to achieve enlightenment. The Chinese term 菩薩 is an abbreviation of 菩提薩埵, which transliterates the Sanskrit term. In Theravāda Buddhism the term bodhisattva is used exclusively to refer to Śākyamuni buddha in his past lifetimes. In Mahāyāna Buddhism the term is used much more widely; FGS translation standard: Bodhisattva (BL 'bodhisattva'; Faxiang; FGDB '菩薩'; SH '菩薩').
Synonyms: 佛母
Related: 菩提萨埵(Full name)
Topic: Buddhism

Other senses of the word: 菩萨

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