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    jīng     a sutra / a sūtra

Traditional: 經
Grammar: Noun
Notes: Sanskrit equivalent: sūtra; The word 'sutra' is an English borrow word from Sanskrit. OED: 'In Sanskrit literature, a short mnemonic rule in grammar, law, or philosophy, requiring expansion by means of a commentary.' (OED Online, “Sutra, n.,” 2015) Monier Williams: “a short sentence or aphoristic rule , and any work or manual consisting of strings of such rules hanging together like threads (these sūtra works form manuals of teaching in ritual , philosophy , grammar … ) … with Buddhists , pāśupatas &c the term sūtra is applied to original text books as opp. to explanatory works” (Monier Williams, “sUtra”, 2008) Prototypical examples of Buddhist sūtras are the Diamond Sutra 金刚经 and the Lotus Sūtra 莲华经.
Topic: Buddhism

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