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        Buddha / Awakened One

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Grammar: Proper Noun
Notes: Sanskrit: buddha, Pali: buddha, Middle Chinese: bjut, Japanese: butsu / hotoke, Korean: bul, pil, pul, Tibetan: sang-gyé, Wylie: sangs rgy as, Vietnamese: phật; one of the ten epithets of a Buddha 佛陀十号, an abbreviation of 佛陀. The use of 佛 by itself is closely associated with 釋迦牟尼 Śākyamuni Buddha, although there are also a number of other buddhas. See 佛陀; FGS translation standard: Buddha / Awakened One (Buddha) (ABC 'fó' 佛 n 1; BL 'Buddha'; CCD '佛' 1; Faxiang; FE '佛' 1; Kroll '佛'; NCCED '佛' 1).
Synonyms: 如来 真如
Topic: Buddhism

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