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阿罗汉     Āluóhàn     Arhat

Traditional: 阿羅漢
Grammar: Proper Noun
Notes: Sanskrit equivalent: arhat, Pāli: arahant, Japanese: Arakan; a holy man who has left behind all earthly desires and concerns, escaping the cycle of birth and death and attaining Nirvana. It is also one of the ten epithets of the Buddha 佛陀十號 (BL 'arhat'; FGDB '阿羅漢'; DJBT 'Arakan').
Synonyms: 阿黎呵 阿卢汉 阿罗诃 阿罗呵 遏罗曷帝 罗汉
Topic: Buddhism

Other senses of the word: 阿罗汉

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