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因缘     yīnyuán     Cause and Condition / principal and secondary causes / chain of cause and effect / primary cause / nidāna

Traditional: 因緣
Grammar: Noun
Notes: Sanskrit equivalent: nidāna, Pāli: nidāna; especially in relation to the chain of dependent origination; FGS translation standard: Cause and Condition / Nidana (expositions of causes) (BL 'nidāna' 1; Faxiang; FGDB '因緣'; Kroll '因' 3b). For example, 這是因為宇宙萬有都是因緣和合所生 'This is because all the things in the universe are interrelated through causes and conditions.' (Hsing Yun 2006)
Synonyms: 尼陀那
Topic: Buddhism

Other senses of the word: 因缘

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