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摩灯伽 (摩燈伽) módēngjiā

módēngjiā noun untouchable / dalit
Domain: Buddhism 佛教 , Subdomain: India 印度
Notes: an India caste with social stratum below the level of ordinary people

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CollectionDocument TitleOccurrences
Viṁśatikāvṛtti (Weishi Lun) 《唯識論》 Scroll 1 2
Fang Guang Da Zhuangyan Jing (Lalitavistara) 《方廣大莊嚴經》 Scroll 1 1


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摩燈伽 Scroll 1 in Fang Guang Da Zhuangyan Jing (Lalitavistara) 《方廣大莊嚴經》 1
摩燈伽 Scroll 1 in Viṁśatikāvṛtti (Weishi Lun) 《唯識論》 2