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僧伽施 Sēngjiāshī

Sēngjiāshī proper noun Sankasya
Domain: History 历史 , Concept: Country 国
Notes: A place in India, mentioned in Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms 佛國記

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Truncated for common words

CollectionDocument TitleOccurrences
Mahāsaṅghikavinaya (Mohesengzhi Lu) 《摩訶僧祇律》 Scroll 35 1
Ming Biographies of Eminent Monks 《大明高僧傳》 Scroll 2 1
Shijia Fangzhi 《釋迦方志》 Scroll 2 1
Translating Sanskrit (Fan Fanyu) 《翻梵語》 Scroll 10 1


Sampled for common words

僧伽施國有石蜜 Scroll 35 in Mahāsaṅghikavinaya (Mohesengzhi Lu) 《摩訶僧祇律》 1
梵剎僧伽施 Scroll 2 in Ming Biographies of Eminent Monks 《大明高僧傳》 1
僧伽施 Scroll 2 in Shijia Fangzhi 《釋迦方志》 1
僧伽施 Scroll 10 in Translating Sanskrit (Fan Fanyu) 《翻梵語》 1