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受新岁经 (受新歲經) Shòu Xīn Suì Jīng

Shòu Xīn Suì Jīng proper noun Shou Xin Sui Jing / Pravāraṇasūtra
Domain: Buddhism 佛教 , Subdomain: 上座部佛教 Theravāda , Concept: Sutra 经
Notes: Sanskrit equivalent: pravāraṇasūtra; a sūtra in the Āgama section of the Chinese Buddhist Canon (T 61; KDC 'K 871')

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CollectionDocument TitleOccurrences
Shou Sui Jing (Anumānasutta) 《受歲經》 Scroll 1 4
Shou Xin Sui Jing (Pravāraṇasūtra) 《受新歲經》 Scroll 1 4


SimplifiedTraditionalExampleExample ReferenceFrequency
佛言受新岁经 佛言受新歲經 佛說受新歲經 Shou Xin Sui Jing (Pravāraṇasūtra) 《受新歲經》 Scroll 1 2


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受新歲經 Scroll 1 in Shou Sui Jing (Anumānasutta) 《受歲經》 4
佛說受新歲經 Scroll 1 in Shou Xin Sui Jing (Pravāraṇasūtra) 《受新歲經》 4