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布沙他 bùshātā

bùshātā noun fortnightly recital of monastic rules and confession / upoṣadha
Domain: Buddhism 佛教
Notes: See 布薩

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Lu Ershi Er Mingliao Lun 《律二十二明了論》 Scroll 1 3
Abhidharmakośaśāstra (Apidamo Ju She Shi Lun) 《阿毘達磨俱舍釋論》 Scroll 11 3
Da Wei De Tuoluoni Jing 《大威德陀羅尼經》 Scroll 18 2
The Sounds and Meanings of all the Terms in the Canonical Texts 《一切經音義》 Scroll 65 1