Hevajra Secret Liturgy (Jingang Wang Pusa Mimi Niansong Yi Gui) 金剛王菩薩祕密念誦儀軌

Translated by Amoghavajra


第 20 冊 No. 1132 金剛王菩薩祕密念誦儀軌 唐 不空譯 共 1 卷
Volume 20, No. 1132; Jingang Wang Pusa Mimi Niansong Yi Gui; Hevajra Secret Liturgy; Translated by Amoghavajra in the Tang in 1 scroll


Explains the merits of the chanting practice and gives the verses.


Date 746-774 from Lancaster (2004, 'K 1316')

English translation


Primary Source

Amoghavajra, 《金剛王菩薩祕密念誦儀軌》 'Jingang Wang Pusa Mimi Niansong Yi Gui,' in Taishō shinshū Daizōkyō 《大正新脩大藏經》, in Takakusu Junjiro, ed., (Tokyo: Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō Kankōkai, 1988), Vol. 20, No. 1132, Accessed 2016-10-08, http://tripitaka.cbeta.org/T20n1132.


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