Sukhāvatīvyūhasūtra (The Infinite Life Sutra) 無量壽經

Translated by Saṅghavarman


第 12 冊 No. 0360 佛說無量壽經 曹魏 康僧鎧譯 共 2 卷 Volume 12, No. 360 Sukhāvatīvyūhasūtra (Infinite Life Sutra) Translated by Saṅghavarman in the Cao Wei in 2 scroll(s)


This is a popular Pure Land sūtra, also known as the Larger Sutra on Amitāyus. Sanskrit title and date 252 from Lancaster (Lancaster 2004, 'K 26')

English translation

Inagaki and Stewart, 1995, pp. 1-62.

Primary Source

Saṅghavarman, 《無量壽經》 'Sukhāvatīvyūhasūtra (The Infinite Life Sutra),' in Taishō shinshū Daizōkyō 《大正新脩大藏經》, in Takakusu Junjiro, ed., (Tokyo: Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō Kankōkai, 1988), Vol. 12, No. 360, Accessed 2016-09-05,


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