Subāhuparipṛcchā (Miao Bi Pusa Suo Wen Jing) 妙臂菩薩所問經

Translated by Fa Tian


第 18 冊 No. 896 妙臂菩薩所問經 宋 法天譯 共 4 卷
Volume 18, No. 896, Subāhuparipṛcchā (Miao Bi Pusa Suo Wen Jing), Translated by Fa Tian in the Song in 4 scrolls


A later and longer translation of 蘇婆呼童子請問經 (T 895a)


Sanskrit title and date 973-988 from Lancaster (Lancaster 2004, 'K 1152')

English translation


Primary Source

Fa Tian, 《妙臂菩薩所問經》 'Subāhuparipṛcchā (Miao Bi Pusa Suo Wen Jing),' in Taishō shinshū Daizōkyō 《大正新脩大藏經》, in Takakusu Junjiro, ed., (Tokyo: Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō Kankōkai, 1988), Vol. 18, No. 896, Accessed 2016-09-29,


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  2. Nanjio 1883, p. 189, no. 822.

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