Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṁgraha (Jingang Ding Yiqie Rulai Zhenshi She Dasheng Xian Zheng Da Jiao Wang Jing) 金剛頂一切如來真實攝大乘現證大教王經

Translated by Amoghavajra


第 18 冊 No. 865 金剛頂一切如來真實攝大乘現證大教王經 唐 不空譯 共 3 卷
Volume 18, No. 865, Jingang Ding Yiqie Rulai Zhenshi She Dasheng Xian Zheng Da Jiao Wang Jing, Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṁgraha, Translated by Amoghavajra in the Tang in 3 scrolls

Other titles

The Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra; The Adamantine Pinnacle: The Compendium of the Truth of All the Tathagatas and the Realization of the Great Vehicle, Being the Scripture of the Great King of Teachings; 金剛頂瑜伽真實大教王經 The Adamantine Pinnacle: Yoga of Truth and Scripture of the Great King of Teachings; 金剛頂大教王經 The Adamantine Pinnacle: Scripture of the Great King of Teachings; 教王經 Scripture of the King of Teachings; 攝大乘現證經 Compendium of Mahayana Realization Sutra


The Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra is one of the most important texts in East Asian Esoteric Buddhism. It is considered a Yogic Tantra. This text is a translation of the first chapter of the Indian source text Vajradhatumahamandalavidhivistara. There are two other translations of the Indian source: T 866 and T 882. The content of the text includes descriptions of three tantric samadhis, the process of enlightenment of Sarvarthasiddhi Bodhisattva, another name for Sakyamuni, and the empowerment of an assembly of deities. Later sections describe initiation rites, description of the Great Mandala, mudras, and the benefits obtained from the rites.

English translation

Giebel, Rolf W. 2001, Two Esoteric Sutras: The Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra and The Susiddhikara Sutra, Translated from the Chinese (Taishō Volume 18, Number 865, 893), BDK English Tripiṭaka Series, BDK America, Inc.,


Sanskrit title and date 753 from Lancaster (2004, 'K 1274')

Primary Source

Amoghavajra, 《金剛頂一切如來真實攝大乘現證大教王經》 'Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṁgraha (Jingang Ding Yiqie Rulai Zhenshi She Dasheng Xian Zheng Da Jiao Wang Jing),' in Taishō shinshū Daizōkyō 《大正新脩大藏經》, in Takakusu Junjiro, ed., (Tokyo: Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō Kankōkai, 1988), Vol. 18, No. 865, Accessed 2016-09-28,


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