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连夜 (連夜) liányè

liányè adverb all through the night
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Time 时间

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
A Record of the Buddhist Religion as Practised in India and in the Malay Archipelago 《南海寄歸內法傳》 Scroll 1 1
Xu Ji Gu Jin Fodao Lun Heng 《續集古今佛道論衡》 Scroll 1 1
Shi Men Guijing Yi 《釋門歸敬儀》 Scroll 1 1
Guang Hong Ming Ji 《廣弘明集》 Scroll 11 1
Beishan Record 《北山錄》 Scroll 1 1
Collection of Meanings and Terms in Translation (Fanyi Mingyi Ji) 《翻譯名義集》 Scroll 3 1
Bian Wei Lu 《辯偽錄》 Scroll 2 1
Fo Shuo Chi Ming Cang Yujia Da Jiao Zun Na Pusa Da Ming Chengjiu Yi Gui Jing 《佛說持明藏瑜伽大教尊那菩薩大明成就儀軌經》 Scroll 1 1
Quotations from Chan Master Dahui Pujue 《大慧普覺禪師語錄》 Scroll 10 1
Supplement to Records of the Transmission of the Lamp 《續傳燈錄》 Scroll 29 1