Ji Shenzhou San Bao Gan Tong Lu 集神州三寶感通錄

Composed by Dao Xuan


第 52 冊 No. 2106 集神州三寶感通錄 唐 道宣撰 共 3 卷 Volume 52, No. 2106; Ji Shenzhou San Bao Gan Tong Lu; Composed by Dao Xuan in the Tang in 3 scrolls


Date 664 from Lancaster (2004, 'K 1069')

English Translations

Lippiello, Tiziana 2002, “Auspicious Omens and Miracles in Ancient China, Han, Three Kingdoms and Six Dynasties,” Monumenta Serica Series XXXIX, pp. 177–201. Partial.

Primary Source

Dao Xuan, 《集神州三寶感通錄》 'Ji Shenzhou San Bao Gan Tong Lu,' in Taishō shinshū Daizōkyō 《大正新脩大藏經》, in Takakusu Junjiro, ed., (Tokyo: Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō Kankōkai, 1988), Vol. 52, No. 2106, Accessed 2016-11-01, http://tripitaka.cbeta.org/T52n2106.


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