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zhà adverb for the first time / suddenly
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Guang Hong Ming Ji 《廣弘明集》 Scroll 17 10
Si Fen Lu Xingshi Chao Zi Chi Ji 《四分律行事鈔資持記》 Scroll 1 8
Supplement to the Biographies of Eminent Monks 《續高僧傳》 Scroll 26 7
Hong Zhi Chan Shi Guang Lu 《宏智禪師廣錄》 Scroll 9 6
Bi Nai Ye 《鼻奈耶》 Scroll 5 6
Commentary on Nyāyamukha 《因明入正理論疏》 Scroll 3 5
Jingang Bore Lun Huishi 《金剛般若論會釋》 Scroll 1 5
Guan Wu Liang Shou Fo Jing Shu 《觀無量壽佛經疏》 Scroll 3 5
Quotations from Abbot Xu Tang 《虛堂和尚語錄》 Scroll 1 5
Hongming Ji (Collection on the Propagation and Clarification of Buddhism) 《弘明集》 Scroll 9 5