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zāi particle exclamatory or interrogative particle
Domain: Classical Chinese 古文
Notes: 哉 is used as a final exclamatory particle in Literary Chinese and may also be added to the end of a question (Pulleyblank 1995, p. 146). 是誠何心哉?'What really was my mind in the matter?' (Mengzi: 1.7/4/17, translation by Legge)

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Truncated for common words

CollectionDocument TitleOccurrences
Hufa Lun 《護法論》 Scroll 1 97
Hongming Ji (Collection on the Propagation and Clarification of Buddhism) 《弘明集》 Scroll 2 65
Mahāratnakūṭasūtra (The Great Treasures Collection Sūtra) 《大寶積經》 Scroll 12 53
Guang Hong Ming Ji 《廣弘明集》 Scroll 23 51
Ugradattaparipṛcchā (Fa Jing Jing) 《法鏡經》 Scroll 1 44
Zhao Lun 《肇論》 Scroll 1 43


Sampled for common words

Scroll 2 in Dīrghāgama 《長阿含經》 1
Scroll 3 in Dīrghāgama 《長阿含經》 3
Scroll 4 in Dīrghāgama 《長阿含經》 27
Scroll 5 in Dīrghāgama 《長阿含經》 1
Scroll 17 in Dīrghāgama 《長阿含經》 2
明法 Scroll 2 in Nirvāṇa Sūtra 《佛般泥洹經》 1
Scroll 1 in Nirvāṇa Sūtra 《般泥洹經》 5
Scroll 2 in Nirvāṇa Sūtra 《般泥洹經》 15
Scroll 1 in Mahāparinibbānasutta 《大般涅槃經》 4
Scroll 2 in Mahāparinibbānasutta 《大般涅槃經》 4
Scroll 3 in Mahāparinibbānasutta 《大般涅槃經》 6
諸天 Scroll 1 in Da Jiangu Poluomen Jing 《大堅固婆羅門緣起經》 4
Scroll 2 in Da Jiangu Poluomen Jing 《大堅固婆羅門緣起經》 1
Scroll 2 in Baiyi Jin Chuang Er Poluomen Yuanqi Jing 《白衣金幢二婆羅門緣起經》 8
Scroll 2 in Nijutuo Fanzhi Jing 《尼拘陀梵》 2
Scroll 1 in Ambaṭṭhasutta 《佛開解梵志阿颰經》 1
異學妄語 Scroll 26 in Madhyamāgama 《中阿含經》 1
寂然 Scroll 1 in Fanmoyu Jing (Brahmāyusutta) 《梵摩渝經》 6
Scroll 4 in Saṃyuktāgama 《雜阿含經》 1
Scroll 9 in Saṃyuktāgama 《雜阿含經》 4
Scroll 11 in Saṃyuktāgama 《雜阿含經》 1
Scroll 17 in Saṃyuktāgama 《雜阿含經》 2
Scroll 18 in Saṃyuktāgama 《雜阿含經》 1
Scroll 4 in An Alternative Translation of the Saṃyukta Āgama (Saṁyukatāgamasūtra) 《別譯雜阿含經》 1
義利 Scroll 14 in An Alternative Translation of the Saṃyukta Āgama (Saṁyukatāgamasūtra) 《別譯雜阿含經》 1