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凡是 fánshì

fánshì adverb every / all
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Condition 状况

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Er Di Yi 《二諦義》 Scroll 2 22
Mūlasarvāstivādavinayayasangraha (Genben Sapoduo Bu Lu She) 《根本薩婆多部律攝》 Scroll 14 6
Dafang Guang Fo Huayan Jing Shu 《大方廣佛華嚴經疏》 Scroll 2 5
Commentary on the Hundred Treatise 《百論疏》 Scroll 3 5
Dasheng Bao Yun Jing 《大乘寶雲經》 Scroll 5 4
Treatise on the Mystery of the Mahayana 《大乘玄論》 Scroll 1 4
Er Di Yi 《二諦義》 Scroll 1 4
A Record of the Buddhist Religion as Practised in India and in the Malay Archipelago 《南海寄歸內法傳》 Scroll 3 4
Commentary on the Tiantai Bodhisattva Precepts 《天台菩薩戒疏》 Scroll 3 4
Wan Song Laoren Ping Chang Tian Tong Jue Heshang Song Gu Congrong An Lu 《萬松老人評唱天童覺和尚頌古從容庵錄》 Scroll 2 4