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哀乐 (哀樂) āilè

āilè noun sadness and joy
Domain: Classical Chinese 古文
Notes: (Guoyu '哀樂')

Contained in


Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Guang Hong Ming Ji 《廣弘明集》 Scroll 22 4
Commentary on the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā 《中觀論疏》 Scroll 1 2
Guang Hong Ming Ji 《廣弘明集》 Scroll 24 1
Fo Shuo Guan Ding Jing 《佛說灌頂經》 Scroll 6 1
Drumakinnararājaparipṛcchā (Fo Shuo Dun Zhen Tuo Luo Suo Wen Rulai Sanmei Jing) 《佛說伅真陀羅所問如來三昧經》 Scroll 3 1
Collection of records concerning the Chinese Buddhist Canon (Chu San Zang Ji Ji) 《出三藏記集》 Scroll 13 1
Beishan Record 《北山錄》 Scroll 5 1
Tan Jin Wenji 《鐔津文集》 Scroll 5 1
Fo Zu Lidai Tong Zai 《佛祖歷代通載》 Scroll 16 1
Biographies of Eminent Monks 《高僧傳》 Scroll 1 1


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
哀乐喜怒 哀樂喜怒 懷哀樂喜怒之情 Guang Hong Ming Ji 《廣弘明集》 Scroll 22 3
怒哀乐 怒哀樂 怒哀樂時 Quotations from Chan Master Dahui Pujue 《大慧普覺禪師語錄》 Scroll 17 2
夫哀乐 夫哀樂 夫哀樂 Treasured Instructions of Chan Temples (Chanlin Baoxun) 《禪林寶訓》 Scroll 1 2
哀乐广 哀樂廣 哀樂廣惠澤則可與天地合體日月齊 A Chronicle of Buddhism in China 《佛祖統紀》 Scroll 42 2